Organie cotton
Organie cotton

Organic cotton is simply cotton grown in a way that doesn't require the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

The organic cotton is warm and soft to the touch. When wearing a hat, tmakes people feel completely close to nature and comfortable. The organic cotton hat has good air permeability, absorbs sweat and dries quickly, and is not sticky or greasy


It does not have GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
It does not cause allergies or irritation
It is higher quality than traditional cotton

Retain CO2 in the soil

Helps retain CO2 in the soil by mitigating climate change
It uses less energy and water than traditional cotton
It does not contain pesticides and chemical fertilisers, preserving thefertility of the soil


It is irrigated with rainwater, without wasting water for the villages
Reduces chemical contamination of groundwater

Encourages Farmers

Improves the working and health conditions of farmers
It encourages farmers to abandon traditional cotton for its added value

Plus, Rpet fabric delivers the same high qualty and comfort that you're used to. All our materials are traceable and duly certified
It's time to make a change and choose sustainable options. By choosing rPET,
you can help make a difference in the environment and support a sustainable lifestyle.
Let's create a better future for ourselves and for the planet.