Recycled cotton
Recycled cotton

Our 100% recycled cotton is sourced from both pre- and post-consumer cotton, including textile waste and leftovers from fabric production. We meticulously spin this waste, collected from over 100 sources in 3 countries, into strong staple fibers with impeccable quality. Verified for authenticity, when woven together, they result in the highest standards of sturdiness and durability, ideal for daily use.


Crafting a hat from recycled cotton fabric has a significant positive impact on the environment.

-50% ~ 75%

Using recycled cotton in a hat with 50 grams of material saves approximately 25 to 37.5 grams of standard coal energy consumption compared to using new materials.

-100g ~ 150g

Each hat, assuming 50 grams of material, reduces approximately 100 to 150 grams of CO2 emissions.


The utilization of 50 grams of recycled cotton in each hat reduces 50 grams of new cotton waste from the waste stream.

-50% ~ 75%

Production of recycled cotton fabric is typically 50 to 75 percent more water efficient than producing new cotton fabric.

Experience the familiar quality and comfort you expect, now with sustainable fabrics.
Our materials are traceable and certified, ensuring transparency every step of the way.
Make the choice for sustainability and join us in shaping a brighter future for both
the environment and ourselves. Together, let's cultivate a greener planet!