Recycled nylon fabric production begins by retrieving abandoned fishing nets from the ocean and post-consumer waste like carpeting bound for landfills. This material is then transformed into premium regenerated nylon, boasting the same quality and performance as virgin nylon. Recycled nylon fabric can be recycled, recreated, and remolded repeatedly, rendering it one of the most sustainable options for fashion brands.


Making a hat using recycled nylon fabric yields significant positive impacts on the environment.

-20% ~ 50%

Using 50 grams of recycled nylon in a hat saves about 10 to 25 grams of standard coal energy compared to new material.

-50g ~ 125g

Each hat, with 50 grams of cap material, reduces approximately 50 to 125 grams of CO2 emissions.


Utilizing 50 grams of recycled nylon in each hat reduces 50 grams of new nylon waste from the waste stream.

-10% ~ 30%

Recycled nylon production typically consumes about 10% to 30% less water than the production of new nylon fiber.

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